Catering & Events

Are you looking to give your guests an authentic Mexican meal at your next party or event? Check out our delicious Mexican food inspired menus. We customize our menu to meet your needs from an office lunch for 10 to dinner for 75. We welcome working with you to make it a memorable meal. Call Becky to discuss 816-679-8119 or email us

The Tamale Experience

Do you remember Tupperware parties and Pampered Chef? The Tamale Experience is the same concept. We bring everything it takes to make tamales to you (your home, your office, your school, your holiday party) and demonstrate the art of making tamales, explaining the ingredients, the technique and even share a bit of tamale trivia. The attendees are invited to participate and make their own, adding it to the communal pot. We serve tamales that have been prepared ahead of time to round out the experience. Interested? Call Becky 816-679-8119 or email us for more information.